Our Air Sterilizers combine 3 way air-purification, disinfection and sterilization by using Hepa filter, Ionizer and UV-C lamps.

Medical air sterilizer is widely used in many hospitals. And the reason is in the use of time, the operation method is simple, and safe and reliable, the main effect is good, so for a lot of hospitals in the use of time, there is nothing to worry about. This is also the reason why medical air sterilizer can be widely used.

Wall Mounted Air Sterilizer

Our wall mounted air disinfection machines circulates air from the airflow.

Cabinet Air Sterilizer

Efficient disinfection, High-efficiency purification, intelligent control

Ceiling Mounted Air Sterilizer

Highly efficient disinfection, high efficiency purification.

UV Air Sterilizer for Central Air Conditioner

according to the national air conditioning center testing center, the efficiency of one-time passing of particulate matters is up to 75%, and the wind resistance is only 6.3pa