Rensair Ventilation Solutions

Connected air quality hardware and software for every indoor space.

At Rensair, we’re building the next generation of ventilation solutions to deliver a step-change in how buildings and spaces are ventilated.

Our air quality ecosystem comprises best-in-class connected hardware devices placed throughout your indoor spaces, combined with game-changing AI-powered software to manage air quality and energy output.

We’re the most certified air quality proposition in the industry, proven to reduce ventilation energy consumption and remove 99.97% of pollutants and
pathogens from every indoor space.

Our portable devices are suitable for a vast array of environments, and we’ll collaborate with you to deliver a bespoke air quality ecosystem that meets your specific needs

Core 560

Our award-winning portable hospital-grade air purifier.

Compact 460i

Our award-winning technology made more lightweight and portable, for use in smaller indoor spaces.

AirBubbl 38i

Our award-winning technology reimagined for transportation and use in vehicles


99.97% pure air. 100% pure fact.

Rensair’s award-winning air purifiers are independently certified by world renowned scientific laboratories.
The effectiveness of Rensair’s air purifiers is backed by hard evidence from recognised independent bodies.